Change is constant, and at OM & Barker, we’ve taken those words to heart and built a legacy we are proud of.

OM & Barker originates from the foundations of NW Barker Media, which was started by brothers Neil and Wayne Barker, and focused on slide-show TV advertising at gyms, malls, and restaurants.

To build on the business’s services and versatility Neil Barker rebranded NW Barker Media to OM & Barker. Through realising his vision of successfully linking social media and business, Neil entrenched innovation and change as the company’s winning principles. Over the past decade, OM & Barker has grown rapidly and is recognised as a change agent to be reckoned with. We’ve worked alongside such greats as JT Foxx, an internationally acclaimed Business Coach and world no 1 Wealth Coach, Standard Bank, ReMax, DHET and motoring giants such Chery SA, Haval SA and GWM SA.

With offices in Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and satellite staff in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Cape Town, OM & Barker is one of the leading social media and marketing entities in the Eastern Cape and boasts a diverse range of clientele across the country and have expanded across borders.

But, with reaching each peak, you look to the horizon and see new possibilities and new challenges to be conquered.

Join us in celebrating a decade of growth and looking to the next decade of innovative design.


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